• SRB and Powerslide ski rollers

    Rollerskis made by SRB

    Roller skiing has a long tradition. In the beginning, the first rollerskis have been develop for winter sports enthusiasts (skiers), to make an effective training during the summer possible. It was always the goal, to get as close as possible of the complete movement of skiing.
    Over the past years, in addition to the roller skis for classical diagonal technique were also developing for the modern roller ski skating technique.

    With the development of effective calf braking, roller skiing gets more importance in the whole area of this sport. The braking on roller skis without the mounted brake is really a technically complex matter, wherefore the rollerskis for safety reasons were previously not suitable for everyone before getting some training in this kind of braking. Today, you can choose from a wide variety of roller skis with brakes and especially cross-country skiers amateurs have much more pleasure in the exercise of this sport during summer.

    Most of the rollerskis / skiroller / rollski tires are different like other Nordic Cross skates. Cross skates have got over 150 mm pneumatic tires, roller skis usually have rubber or Polyurethane (PU) roles. Since 2010, the Powerslide Company has also roller skis on sale, which are supplied with 150mm air tires. The advantages of roller skis and Nordic Cross skates have been bring together into a new product. In addition, the roller skis have got less ground clearance and generally own a larger wheelbase than cross skates, making them ideally used on smooth asphalt surfaces. You will better not drive on rough surfaces or forest roads with roller skis. In this case, you should use the cross Nordic skates (for example Powerslide).

    Rollerskiing categories

    Rollerski for classic technique

    Track length / length of the tube:
    Wheel width:
    Wheel Size:

    With a backstop on the front wheels

    Rollerskis for skating technique

    Track length / length of the tube:
    Wheel width:
    Wheel Size:
    80 mm-100mm

    Combined models for skating and classic with a sports device. These skiroller / rollerskis / Rollski are with their properties and construction, a mixture of skating and classic roller skis. However, generally each combined Roller ski model have a "best used" in which it feels most comfortable. Combined Roller skis are a very interesting price alternative for athletes who want to drive both techniques.

    Skating poles /skating sticks

    The same Nordic roll skiing poles can be used for the Nordic Cross Skating poles. These are skating sticks, which are equipped with a carbide tip. Only the stick length differs a little bit. More information about the right stick length at Nordic Skating and cross skating can be found here.